Love is part of Life Partnership can and usually does play a valuable role in how we develop. Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl share life, love and a pursuit of the dharma and as Lama Ole points out each of them brings a unique perspective to their dharma practice and teaching which allows for growth.
Creatitivy and sharing bring us to a better places.

The Greatest Challenge is not outside it is within

The Greatest mountain you will ever scale is your ego. Do you want to be happy or to be right?

Unbounded happiness is within you right now!

We are born into the world and our families usually have some type of spiritual path they propound. But is this path right for us? In free countries that abide by International Law and the Internationally recognized Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we are free to exercise our right to decide what we believe or do not believe. Only through exploration of different paths can you truly find the path that is right for you..
Buddha Dharma ::
Whether in the East or West, North or South, you can awaken your Buddha Nature and find inner peace and your path.
New Thought ::
Change your Mind ~
Change Your Life - This powerful path offers an integrated approach rooted in timeless principles of transformation.
The Mystic Path ::
Today's physicist is well aware of quantuum mechanics and the theory of relativity, parallel universes and string theory. Something mystics have believed for thousands of years.
Love versus Fear :: It is important to choose a love based path. It is easy to get snared then deceived by fear based religions. Exercise your right to religion Freedom!
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